2023 Road Trip: Day 2 – Eleven Mile (Not 8 Mile)

Damn, it got cold last night! Sleep wasn’t great. It had been a while since I’ve slept on an inflatable sleeping pad, so I had a hard time getting comfortable. Better than sleeping on the ground, though. My sleeping bag is nice and warm, and I had a couple of extra blankets as well, but it got down to 30-something degrees. I could definitely feel that chill coming in through any opening in the covers.

Car was a bit frosty this morning

I spent most of the day just kind of scoping the area out and hanging out at my campsite. It was a bright, sunny, mostly cloudless day, so there wasn’t much I wanted to photograph at the time. Once the sun started to set, I made my way down to a spot by the lake.

Once the sun went down, I stuck around hoping that could catch the Milky Way, but it got too cloudy to see much. I kind of gave up at the moment and started walking back to my car, with the intention of returning to my campsite and waiting to see if the clouds broke up. I unlocked my car to put my camera gear away, not realizing that there was a man from Wisconsin named Steve crouched down taking some night photos from the parking lot. Hopefully my headlights didn’t ruin his shot. Ended up chatting with him about night photography for a bit. Eventually, the clouds broke up enough to see parts of the Milky Way, so I made my way back down by the water. I was hoping I could get a shot of the Milky Way reflecting off the water, but it got way too windy, and the water was too choppy, so I improvised by shining a colored light panel on the water. It’s not exactly what I was going for, but eh, how about a little greenish blue for funsies?

This pretty much wrapped it up for the night. Hopefully tonight isn’t as cold as it was last night.


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