2023 Road Trip: Day 4 – BRB, Gonna Wander the San Juans

My initial plan today was to take a nice long hike up to Ice Lake and Island Lake. Unfortunately, there were thunderstorms in the forecast, so I decided to nix that plan. I really didn’t want to be standing on top of a mountain during a thunderstorm and risk getting hit by lightning (again.) Instead, I drove the Million Dollar Highway again in the other direction and stuck to little hikes off the highway. I got snowed on several times even though it was in the 50’s out, and made my way back to my car every time I heard thunder rolling in. All in all, it was a nice day, regardless of the weather.

Red Mountain, as seen from Crystal Lake
Electric Peak, Mt Eolus, Animas Mountain, and a tiny cabin
The Animas River, Electric Peak, Mt Eolus, Animas Mountain
Animas River and Railroad

I made my way back to Ouray in the evening. I had a good day of wandering, but I was getting hungry! I dropped by my hotel room for a moment, then made my way over to Brickhouse 737 for some dinner. A lot of the locals say that this is the place to eat, and I gotta say, they know what they’re talking about. I ordered some salmon and some wine (because I’m classy as fuck) and whoa, I have no idea what kind of magic they’re putting into their food, but that salmon was mind-blowing! I’m going to be thinking about that salmon for a while now. Yum. I was dining solo, so I got a spot at the bar next to this lovely couple from Wisconsin. I never did catch their names, but it was fun chatting with them during dinner (psst.. hey… if you’re that couple and you’re reading this, what are your names?)

I definitely devoured a lot of food this evening and spent more money than intended, but damn it was good. I figured I may as well eat up because I’m going back to camping again tomorrow. I’m gonna mix things up a bit tomorrow with my camping location and go somewhere more mysterious. Here’s a hint: it’s near a notorious paranormal hot spot.

More on that later.


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