An Honorable Mention: My First Award

Earlier this year, I decided to enter the ND Awards 2020 photo contest. I never enter contests, because I just don’t think my work stands a chance against the tens of thousands of amazingly-talented photographers out there that enter these things. I’m not really sure what made me enter this time. Maybe it’s just been such a weird, chaotic year, that I figured “what the heck, why not see what happens?”

Today, they announced the winners of the contest. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t quite make the cut. This is a big contest, and thousands of the best photographers in the world compete here. However, I was pleasantly surprised when this email popped up in my inbox today:

Dear Glenn,

Congratulations! We are proud to announce that your entry has been awarded in the ND Awards 2020 international photography contest:

- Still Standing (Single, Non-Professional) id 20/41063 - Honorable Mention in Nature: Trees category

To access winning entries details alongside with the personalized certificate and digital badge please log in to your member account on and visit “Winners Services” section.

All of your winning entries are now on display on ND Awards official website under the "Winners” section.

Thank you for your participation and congratulations once again!

The ND Awards Jury & Team

Although I didn’t quite place high enough to claim any prizes, being awarded an honorable mention still feels super cool, especially considering that I wasn’t expecting to win anything at all. Not bad for my first attempt! This is the first time I’ve ever been awarded anything for my work, so it’s a pretty proud moment.

The shot
It even came with a neat certificate!

I suppose this is good encouragement to keep trying. I think I will start to be less humble about entering more contests in the future, and I think I’ll enter the 2021 ND Awards next year, if I can land a good shot. Thanks to the ND Awards Jury & Team for the honorable mention, and congrats to the overall winners of this years contest!


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  1. Guess you were paying attention to your Moms pictures. It takes a special eye to look at the extraordinary beauty nature provides around us! Congratulations…..this is a beautiful pic.

    1. Thanks, Lyn! Yeah, my mom got me started in photography when I was a teenager. She also encouraged me to take some photography classes in college, so she’s definitely responsible for paving the way!

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