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I think this happens to virtually every artist, photographer, etc. You go on these creative sprees for a while that can’t be stopped, and then it’s like you hit a brick wall. The art slows down, adult life starts to take over, and you can’t seem to get back into that groove (or maybe this only happens to those of us who only do this as a hobby.)

For me, it slowed down after having to say goodbye to two beloved pets. Getting back into a creative mood was damn near impossible after that. Then, I started a new job, so getting all trained up took a lot of mental energy for a while.

I’m starting to get that need to go out and shoot again, though. I think the main thing holding me back currently is that I’m kind of bored of shooting around the same handful of locations around LFK.1 So, I guess this means one thing: ROAD TRIP!!!

I’ll be taking some time off work in a couple of weeks to cruise somewhere else and get some photos. My “mountain” gallery is quite bare, so I think I’ll pack my camping gear and head to the mountains to get some content for that one. I could definitely use the fresh air, and as someone who works a desk job from home, I could certainly use the exercise.

I’ll update this blog as I go, on the occasions that I have enough of a data connection to post. I’ll likely be off the grid for a lot of the trip, so expect some blogless days in between. (Does anyone even read this? I’m probably just talking to future me here. If you are not future me, hello, and thanks for reading!)


  1. (For those who don’t live around here, LFK = “Lawrence Fucking Kansas”) ↩︎

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